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Is Infusion Nursing Right for You?

Because Infinity Infusion Nursing was founded by and is managed by nurses, we have a unique understanding of what it means to be a nurse.  A career with Infinity Infusion Nursing will allow you to focus on individualized and compassionate care all while balancing your work/life commitments.

The nurse is an integral part of the health care team that includes physicians, pharmacies and Infinity clinical management. This cross-disciplinary approach ensures that each patient receives exceptional treatment. Our team is also there to support you,
the nurse, from training to in-home consultation.

A great benefit of working for Infinity Infusion Nursing is your ability to provide focused care, one patient at a time. This puts the patients and their families at ease and enables you to administer the highest quality treatment. This individualized touch promotes confidence and helps patients develop the trust necessary to build relationships with our nurse.

As an Infinity Infusion Nurse, you have flexibility with your schedule. You call the shots! You are able to take-on a workload that suits your needs, whether that be a heavy 
schedule for more income potential, or something lighter for those who have other


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I have worked at Infinity Infusion Nursing since June 2017. I started prn while I maintained another FT job. Soon I changed over to full time and then decided PRN was better for me, the flexibility is yours to have. I work as much as possible, I have my own schedule of patients that I have grown to love but I also have the opportunity to meet and see new patients. The management support is 24/7 and wonderful. I’ve been a nurse for 30+ years and this is truly the best place for me.

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I absolutely love working for this company! It has challenged me to use my critical thinking skills outside of a hospital in order to be able to provide the best quality care for our patients in their homes. The relationships built are everlasting and bring me great comfort in knowing that I’ve contributed to healthy outcomes and a better quality of life while making things a little easier for our patients. The staff are amazing to work with! It’s definitely a team approach and I’ve been with them for over 3 years now.

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Infinity Infusion Nursing is definitely the greatest company that I have ever worked for! I work with the most incredible team of employees that truly know the definition of teamwork and practice it on a daily basis! We strive to provide the best possible nursing care related to Infusions and Injections!

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