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Founded in 2017 by Amy Rose Wright and Rebekah Kroner, Infinity Infusion Nursing has quickly grown to be a leader in the in-home infusion industry. Our mission was to create a specialized company that focused on infusion therapy, a need that was not previously met in, in- home care. We wanted to be different from the rest, by connecting the patient with a nurse who can personalize the care given in home rather than in a medical setting. We understand that a patient not only requires highly trained and skillful practitioners, but also those who deliver our services with compassion and humanity. Infinity is constantly growing as the increase in need from pharmacies and patients is recognized across the country. 

The decision to create Infinity was based on the perspective of the nurse; the ability to work hand in hand with the patients and get to be a part of their lives with a personal touch. We wanted this company to be tailored to every pharmacy, nurse, and patient in our network. It is gratifying to know that this company has the follow through and accountability all the way to the top.  Amy and Rebekah are both knowledgeable in the nursing field, and bring different perspectives to their company. This company needed to be a family, in terms of dependability, respect, and care, and we feel we created just that. Infinity is currently servicing patients in 49 states and counting. We look forward to creating more connections and helping as many people as possible through our work.


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